Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great way to celebrate your community and support local farmers. Not only does this benefit your healthy lifestyle, but you know where your food is coming from.

Some food for thought:

By putting your money into your local growers, you can actually help improve the economy. Then when you shop locally instead of with a large food retailer, you are essentially cutting out the middle man. This means lowering the costs and economic harm that come from packaging materials, fossil fuels, and so on.

Additionally, by getting your produce at farmers markets, the fruits and vegetables you buy will taste a lot fresher. Fruits are given the full time to ripen, and everything is provided seasonally. Therefore, the produce will reflect its truest and freshest state.

At the end of the day, spending time at your local farmers market provides a rich sense of community. What sounds more appealing to you –pushing your grocery cart around an artificially lit room where there is an in-and-out mentality or spending the day in the beautiful outdoors, walking from booth to booth, getting to know your resident farmer?