thomas_hill_organicsWe started our restaurant four years ago to highlight organic fruits and vegetables from our farm. There was no restaurant in Central California to experience seasonal, locally grown and organic fare. Nothing can compare in taste to fruits and vegetables that are picked at the height of freshness and served the same day.


Our chef Julie Simon moved to Central California from France where it was a daily routine to go to the farmers’ market to get your daily needs. She grew up creating her menus on what was seasonally available.

Chicken Mole

Chicken Mole

Although we have over 900 fruit and nut trees and various row crops at our farm, we can’t grow all of our seasonal needs due to our weather. We have been supporting the local farmers’ markets since we moved to Paso Robles 8 years ago. We purchase from numerous vendors including Maria Galve, Dragon Springs Farms, Rocking Chair Farm, Bautista Farms, De La Cruz, the Perez Farm, Domingo Farms, and Windrose Farms just to name a few. In addition to produce, we also buy locally-made honey from the farmers’ market.


At Thomas Hill, we believe in sourcing as much locally-made products as possible. We buy our olive oil from Olea Farms, our bread from Hush Harbor and La Migliore Bakery, and our cheese from Happy Acres and Rinconada Dairy. We make a killer burger—the best in town—and we use Pete Kramer’s grass-fed beef.

We believe that Thomas Hill Organics not only has the freshest ingredients but the most creative menu in Central California!

— Debbie Thomas

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