If you think your job is hard, consider the queen bee’s gig.

A honey bee queen can produce up to 2,000 eggs per day. But when she gets old, her workers stage a coup, selecting her replacement and killing the queen.

Tough gig, right?

But we all owe gratitude to the queen and her workers.

“Bees contribute to over one-third of our food supply through pollination,” said “Honey Queen” Kim Kester. “That can be oranges, apples, almonds — especially here in California.”

"Honey Queen" Kim Kester talks to Christine Heinrichs about bees at the Morro Bay farmers' market.

“Honey Queen” Kim Kester talks to Christine Heinrichs about bees at the Morro Bay farmers’ market.

Kester, given her title by the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, visited the Morro Bay farmers’ market recently, where she spoke of bees and honey while offering honey cooking demonstrations.

Each bee hive, she said, contains between 60,000 and 80,000 bees.

“The worker bees are all females, and they tend to the queen,” she said. “They feed her and clean her. They’re also the bees that are gathering nectar and pollen. They convert nectar into honey, which is their food source, and they feed the pollen back to their brood, or baby bees.”

Kester had bees on display borrowed from Jeremy Rose, of the California Bee Company. The appropriately-named Rose has been a beekeeper for 11 years, taking advantage of a skill he learned at Cal Poly.

While he gets stung multiple times a day getting his product, he’s still awed by the honey process.

“It’s such an amazing product,” he said. “Millions of bees, millions of flowers, one drop at a time, put together into the most amazing sweetener.”

His favorite foods with honey include toasted English muffins, coffee and grapefruit.

“I eat it by the spoonful at this point.”

You can find Rose’s honey at the farmers’ markets in San Luis Obispo (downtown, Thursday nights, from 6:10-9 p.m.);Morro Bay (Spencer’s parking lot, Thursdays, between 2 and 5 p.m.) and Arroyo Grande (Smart & Final parking lot, Wednesdays, between 8:30 and 11 a.m.).