Feel the Luck of the Irish with Shepherd’s Pie


Friday marks the only day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to pinch your peers if they are not wearing green -- and, yes, we’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Along with the holiday’s traditions of styling shamrock-beaded necklaces putting on

Feel the Luck of the Irish with Shepherd’s Pie2017-03-15T09:56:43-07:00

Juicing on the Mend


Fifteen minutes before the farmers' market begins in downtown San Luis Obispo, passersby are already asking Julia Gomez for samples -- and she's not even finished setting up her booth. It shouldn't be a surprise, though: Her containers full of colorful juices,

Juicing on the Mend2017-01-27T11:46:00-08:00

When in Drought, There’s No Doubt: Succulents Conserve


You've probably heard that the state lifted restrictions on water use in urban areas. Yet that doesn't mean Californians don't need to conserve water: Nearly 60 percent of the state remains in "severe drought," and certain parts of San Luis Obispo County

When in Drought, There’s No Doubt: Succulents Conserve2017-01-27T11:50:11-08:00

Better Roots Mean Better Tomatoes


Roots need oxygen to thrive, which is why you generally don't want to plant roots too deep. But tomatoes are an exception. "The thing with tomatoes is that you've got to plant them deep," said Seron Yafuwi, who was working the

Better Roots Mean Better Tomatoes2017-01-27T12:38:44-08:00
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