The art of the pomegranate


While fruits have long provided fodder for still life paintings, the pomegranate has held a special place in the eyes of artists for centuries. Surrealist Salvador Dali’s “Dream, Caused by the Flight of a Bee (Around a Pomegranate, a Second Before Waking

The art of the pomegranate2017-11-08T11:51:34-08:00

How to Avoid the Dreaded Avocado Hand


When Meryl Streep showed up to do interviews for her 2014 film "Hope Springs," her bandaged hand looked like she had fended off a bear attack. Alas, it was just Avacado Hand. That's right -- there's a "new" injury gaining popularity, and

How to Avoid the Dreaded Avocado Hand2017-06-01T08:23:58-07:00

Why shop locally?


Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great way to celebrate your community and support local farmers. Not only does this benefit your healthy lifestyle, but you know where your food is coming from. Some food for thought: By putting your

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Strawberry Fields Forever


It’s that time of the year to head down to your local farmers’ market and get a fresh basket of strawberries. We have a few tips you can use after picking up this season’s freshest berries: To remove the strawberry’s core and

Strawberry Fields Forever2017-03-07T10:22:22-08:00

Persimmons: Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Cover


There's an odd rule of thumb when it comes to the persimmon: When you think it looks like garbage -- that's when you want to eat it. Which, of course, goes against our usual thinking when it comes to fruits. If a

Persimmons: Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Cover2017-01-27T11:35:05-08:00

Going nuts over fruit year-round


Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye to the fruits you love. Alas, seasons change, and to every fruit there is a season. But, thanks to Avila & Sons, summer favorites, like peaches and nectarines, have an extended lifespan. "When we don't

Going nuts over fruit year-round2017-01-27T11:43:23-08:00

Let’s hear it for watermelons — using sound to pick a winner


Standing behind a table crowded with watermelons, John Lahargou beats on several of the rinds as if they were bongos. After tapping one with a slightly higher-pitched sound -- offering less bass than the other melons -- he stops, nods and

Let’s hear it for watermelons — using sound to pick a winner2017-01-27T11:44:45-08:00
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