The art of the pomegranate


While fruits have long provided fodder for still life paintings, the pomegranate has held a special place in the eyes of artists for centuries. Surrealist Salvador Dali’s “Dream, Caused by the Flight of a Bee (Around a Pomegranate, a Second Before Waking

The art of the pomegranate2017-11-08T11:51:34-08:00

Sqaush on the Grill? Putting Veggies on the Barbecue


Flipping burgers on a sizzling outdoor grill is as much of a summer staple as baseball, swimming pools and family road trips. But those grills don't have to be just about meat. Just as your grill gives chicken a special

Sqaush on the Grill? Putting Veggies on the Barbecue2017-07-20T14:55:42-07:00

The Meat of the Vegetable World


Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor meat. However, they are known as the "meat of the vegetable world." While considered a fungus, a mushroom can grow in soil, like a vegetable, and some mushrooms feature a meat-like texture. Hence, the meat-vegetable moniker. Most

The Meat of the Vegetable World2017-07-03T10:42:28-07:00

Avocados Are Hip


One of the many great things about living in sunny and beautiful California is the availability of avocados at the tip of our fingers. Avocados have become the latest trend in healthy food. Avocado toast and other simple recipes are very popular

Avocados Are Hip2017-03-07T10:04:24-08:00

The Joys of Spring


With all the rain, gray skies and chilly temperatures, we’ve paid our dues this winter. And now comes the pay-off: lush green hills, warm temps and once-dry lakes now filled with water. Hope does indeed spring eternal – especially in spring! The

The Joys of Spring2017-03-03T15:57:41-08:00

Making Cheese the European Way — California Style


This story’s gonna sound pretty cheesy.  But, as Ryan Davis knows, that’s not always a bad thing. Davis, one of the newest farmers to host a farmers’ market booth, was once a high school economics teacher in Visalia. But he eventually decided

Making Cheese the European Way — California Style2017-01-30T15:18:48-08:00

Going nuts over fruit year-round


Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye to the fruits you love. Alas, seasons change, and to every fruit there is a season. But, thanks to Avila & Sons, summer favorites, like peaches and nectarines, have an extended lifespan. "When we don't

Going nuts over fruit year-round2017-01-27T11:43:23-08:00

Let’s hear it for watermelons — using sound to pick a winner


Standing behind a table crowded with watermelons, John Lahargou beats on several of the rinds as if they were bongos. After tapping one with a slightly higher-pitched sound -- offering less bass than the other melons -- he stops, nods and

Let’s hear it for watermelons — using sound to pick a winner2017-01-27T11:44:45-08:00

What Is Cooking From Scratch?


Good Tides Organic Bistro is so serious about making food from scratch, even their ketchup is made from scratch. Now that's some serious scratch. But what does "cooking from scratch" even mean? By most accounts, the term originated with sporting events. Some

What Is Cooking From Scratch?2017-01-27T11:48:10-08:00

Memories of summer


Summer began with a blaze of heat in San Luis Obispo County this year, with parts of the county seeing temperatures warm up to 100 degrees or more. Yet, with school out and the vacation season in full swing, there was still

Memories of summer2017-02-03T14:10:29-08:00
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