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The Meat of the Vegetable World


Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor meat. However, they are known as the "meat of the vegetable world." While considered a fungus, a mushroom can grow in soil, like a vegetable, and some mushrooms feature a meat-like texture. Hence, the meat-vegetable moniker. Most

The Meat of the Vegetable World2017-07-03T10:42:28-07:00

How to Avoid the Dreaded Avocado Hand


When Meryl Streep showed up to do interviews for her 2014 film "Hope Springs," her bandaged hand looked like she had fended off a bear attack. Alas, it was just Avacado Hand. That's right -- there's a "new" injury gaining popularity, and

How to Avoid the Dreaded Avocado Hand2017-06-01T08:23:58-07:00

How You Can Help Monarch Butterflies


Those beautiful Monarch butterflies we see fluttering along are in need of food, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and your local farmers' markets are here to help. For the next few weeks, the Central Coast State Parks Association is going

How You Can Help Monarch Butterflies2017-05-04T11:45:19-07:00

Simplify Thanksgiving dinner with chicken


Look, we understand your anxiety about Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the turkey, right? It takes forever to thaw, you have to cook it just right and – let’s face it – it’s kind of slimy and gross. (Giblets, anyone?) But you’re not bound

Simplify Thanksgiving dinner with chicken2017-01-27T11:40:26-08:00

Now They’re Making Real Dough


Glenna and Mark Evans have come a long way to bake bread for you. The couple were living in New England when they decided to embark on "encore careers" and move across the country.  But it took decades of life experience

Now They’re Making Real Dough2017-01-22T16:16:40-08:00

Finding Room for Mushrooms


Branden Janikowskioffers a variety of mushrooms. Standing behind baskets of gourmet mushrooms, Branden Janikowski briefly reflects on his 8-year career as a bookkeeper. "I wasn't digging that," he says. He'd always wanted to be a farmer, but he didn't

Finding Room for Mushrooms2017-01-27T11:52:24-08:00
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