The Meat of the Vegetable World


Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor meat. However, they are known as the "meat of the vegetable world." While considered a fungus, a mushroom can grow in soil, like a vegetable, and some mushrooms feature a meat-like texture. Hence, the meat-vegetable moniker. Most

The Meat of the Vegetable World2017-07-03T10:42:28-07:00

What’s That For?


Sure, we all know the fruit and veggie all-stars -- the apples, carrots, strawberries and lettuce. But every now and then you see something at your local farmers' market that stumps you. In this short video, farmers explain some of their lesser

What’s That For?2017-04-19T09:42:36-07:00

“Snow Night” stocking stuffer ideas


Grab your mittens and scarves -- Thursday is Snow Night during the Downtown Farmers' Market in San Luis Obispo. And if you haven't already completed your holiday shopping, well -- that snow might be a brisk reminder that time is running out.

“Snow Night” stocking stuffer ideas2017-01-27T11:33:41-08:00

Simplify Thanksgiving dinner with chicken


Look, we understand your anxiety about Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the turkey, right? It takes forever to thaw, you have to cook it just right and – let’s face it – it’s kind of slimy and gross. (Giblets, anyone?) But you’re not bound

Simplify Thanksgiving dinner with chicken2017-01-27T11:40:26-08:00

Why Cabbage Has an Image Problem


Ew -- that smell. You know what I'm saying? Cabbage. When someone is boiling it, you definitely know it. Which is part of why cabbage has a bit of an image problem. Blame the rest on Hollywood. Remember “Willy Wonka & and the

Why Cabbage Has an Image Problem2017-01-27T11:40:56-08:00

Going nuts over fruit year-round


Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye to the fruits you love. Alas, seasons change, and to every fruit there is a season. But, thanks to Avila & Sons, summer favorites, like peaches and nectarines, have an extended lifespan. "When we don't

Going nuts over fruit year-round2017-01-27T11:43:23-08:00

What Is Cooking From Scratch?


Good Tides Organic Bistro is so serious about making food from scratch, even their ketchup is made from scratch. Now that's some serious scratch. But what does "cooking from scratch" even mean? By most accounts, the term originated with sporting events. Some

What Is Cooking From Scratch?2017-01-27T11:48:10-08:00

Now They’re Making Real Dough


Glenna and Mark Evans have come a long way to bake bread for you. The couple were living in New England when they decided to embark on "encore careers" and move across the country.  But it took decades of life experience

Now They’re Making Real Dough2017-01-22T16:16:40-08:00
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