There’s No Place Like Ham for the Holidays


People don't usually ask why -- it's just the way it is: You have turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas. The ham tradition has roots dating even further back than turkey. In fact, some say the holiday ham tradition began 2,000

There’s No Place Like Ham for the Holidays2017-01-27T11:32:58-08:00

“Snow Night” stocking stuffer ideas


Grab your mittens and scarves -- Thursday is Snow Night during the Downtown Farmers' Market in San Luis Obispo. And if you haven't already completed your holiday shopping, well -- that snow might be a brisk reminder that time is running out.

“Snow Night” stocking stuffer ideas2017-01-27T11:33:41-08:00

Persimmons: Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Cover


There's an odd rule of thumb when it comes to the persimmon: When you think it looks like garbage -- that's when you want to eat it. Which, of course, goes against our usual thinking when it comes to fruits. If a

Persimmons: Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Cover2017-01-27T11:35:05-08:00
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