It’s that time of the year to head down to your local farmers’ market and get a fresh basket of strawberries. We have a few tips you can use after picking up this season’s freshest berries:

  • To remove the strawberry’s core and stem before eating, simply grab a straw and push through the bottom of the strawberry all the way until the stem comes off.
  • Instead of using plain ice cubes in your next drink, try freezing strawberries for extra flavor. This way you won’t dilute the taste of your drink.
  • For a healthier alternative, substitute eating ice cream with freezing your fresh strawberries, putting them into the blender, and then mixing the strawberries with Greek yogurt.
  • For another strawberry hack, why not make strawberry basil fruit leather? Check out this recipe to learn how you can make your own fruit rollover treats — without chemical preservatives.