Philip and Nancy Langston

We wanted to work together. That’s why we farm. We get along well and we didn’t want to waste time working other jobs. We wanted to spend as much time together as we could and not wait for some date in the future to sit together, when that day may never come. Our farm is a labor of love.

Why should people purchase your produce?

We grow in our greenhouse which we built from a kit and also grow outside. Everyone said we could not build a greenhouse, but we did it anyway. ; ) We began building in 1991 on land leased from a wonderful family in Arroyo Grande. We have been on this land now for over 20 years. We have started an olive orchard, growing Tuscan varieties of olives to make a special blend of certified Extra Virgin olive oil. We named it Lone Oak Olive Oil because there was a lone oak standing in the field we chose to plant in. Now she has lots of olive tree friends around her and the hillsides just sparkle with silver and green from the leaves of the olive trees.

Common crops found in your market booth?

Philip and some European cucumbers

Philip and some European cucumbers

In our greenhouse we grow tomatoes, Persian and European cucumbers, six colors of bell peppers, five flavors of basil, green beans and eggplant. We grow the bell peppers and basil and green beans hydroponically in Philip’s senior project from Cal Poly. He graduated from Cal Poly with a Crop Science degree, specializing in greenhouse vegetables. While we are not certified organic, all of our production is based on organic growing methods.

  • basil
  • beans, green
  • cucumbers
  • eggplant
  • peppers, bell
  • tomatoes

What do you like about farmers’ markets?

We really enjoy talking to people from out of town who visit the markets. It’s fun to hear how amazed they are that we do this all year. Some customers visit us 2-3 times a week at the various markets we attend. We appreciate getting to know our customers. Plus, it’s nice to see how some customers can be so friendly and argue with each other about sharing: ‘You should take the last German Stripe tomato.’ ‘No, no, you take it.’ Ha!

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