Chef Roxanne Lapuyade has some cooking advice for you: “Use fresh organic ingredients from local producers whenever you can.” Roxanne’s Cafe employs local organic vegetables and fruits from a variety of sources including the farmers market, the Natural Foods Co-op (where she worked for years as produce manager), and new local farming ventures such as Big Tony’s Organics. She’s been cooking with farmers market produce since she was a teenager. Once she discovered the farmers market, she shopped there every weekend to discover new flavors and ingredients for cooking.

ROCA_springrollBefore discovering the variety and flavor of farmers market produce, she ate a rather limited vegetarian diet since deciding to become vegetarian at 14 after learning about vegetarianism at a punk rock show. As she came to know the farmers, they would point her toward new flavors: “Here, try this, it’s good!” With a strong network of organic and local suppliers for Roxanne’s Café, “If you have any questions about any fruit or vegetable,” says Roxanne, “I can tell you about who produced it and the farm where it grows.” Her personal knowledge of local organic producers helps root Roxanne’s Café in what we hope remains a fruitful space that supports this new business and invites it to thrive.

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