In the United States, the most popular vegetable is . . .





Try potatoes.

While that may be surprising, it’s mostly because we eat so many french fries. In fact, American toddlers are more likely to eat french fries than green vegetables on any given day, according to a new national survey on children’s eating habits. And without french fries, many American kids wouldn’t even be eating vegetables.

This, of course, is a problem, especially since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a vegetable consumption with every meal and snack. Adults aren’t doing that much better. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 87 percent of Americans don’t eat vegetables despite the government’s recommendation to consume two-and-a-half to three cups of vegetables per day.

And don’t start thinking french fries are good for you. The deep-frying process not only adds fat and calories, but it destroys some of the vitamin C and nutrients that make potatoes good.

Peter Antonio sells tomatoes at the Morro Bay farmer’s market.

Care to guess what our second most popular vegetable is?

Tomatoes. Thanks to all that pizza we’re eating.

So, clearly, Americans aren’t doing a great job eating their veggies, which is not good for our collective health.

Luckily, your local farmers’ market has plenty of vegetables available. And if you don’t want to chomp on a raw carrot like Bugs Bunny, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate veggies into your regular diet. This piece, for example, recommends substituting half the butter in a brownie recipe with pureed black beans. You can try baking veggies into breads or muffins or combining them into an egg omelette, as this article suggests. Or, if you really don’t like any vegetables, you can bury the flavor by adding to a chocolate smoothie.

The next most popular vegetable, by the way, is the onion, followed by head lettuce, sweet corn and carrots.