by Margie Hurd, SLO Fresh Catch

When Swordfish, Halibut, and Salmon are available, it’s easy for us at the SLO Fresh Catch booth to sell fish at the San Luis Obispo County farmers’ markets because shoppers generally know how to prepare steaks and filets of these familiar fish. But it’s early spring and our commercial fishermen are catching less familiar fish like Sand Sole and Black Cod. At this point in the season, we can also expect to get landings of various rockfishes (there are over 50 types off our coast), Halibut, Turbot, and Starry Flounder. That being said, sometimes the fish appear out of season, as is their prerogative.

Most Americans are unfamiliar with these fish options and may shy away from a purchase so “You have to educate them,” says Mark Tognazzini, fisherman and owner of Dockside Too Fish Market in Morro Bay. How do you teach consumers to broaden their horizons and try some of our lesser-known local fish?

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Purchase fish from SLO Fresh Catch and Margie Hurd at farmers’ markets across San Luis Obispo County. Depending on weather and availability, the SLO Fresh Catch booth will also feature representatives from our local fishing industry.

Captain Travis Evans of Port San Luis is 90 years old and began commercial fishing during World War II when the public and troops needed fresh fish. Today, Travis owns the fishing vessels Lucy L. and Gardena. Travis and his wife Katherine have been married 68 years and have raised eight children; two of their sons followed Travis into fishing. Evans is a considered a “legend” amongst local commercial fishermen. In February 2013, Captain Evans visited the Saturday morning market in SLO. It was a beautiful, crisp morning that sparkled just like this old fisherman.