Lori Heal is popular at farmer’s markets with her Mama’s Preserves and 2 Peas in a Pod products. Beginning this weekend, she will join the Saturday farmers’ market in San Luis Obispo (at the World Market /Embassy Suites parking lot), where she and her family will sell beans sought be restaurant chefs.

Farming has been a part of Heal’s family at least since her great-grandfather, she said. The family originally farmed in Cayucos, but eventually the farm moved to Arroyo Grande, where Heal’s father operates a 720-acre cattle ranch. Most of 2 Peas in a Pod is located on a roughly 20-acre patch there, though there is also a small berry forest at the Heal house nearby.

The farm includes berries, baby corn, brussels sprouts and hops.

Mama’s Preserves currently offers 22 varieties of jams, all made from the crops grown at 2 Peas in a Pod — the farm Heal operates with her husband and two of her sons.