One of the many great things about living in sunny and beautiful California is the availability of avocados at the tip of our fingers.

Avocados have become the latest trend in healthy food. Avocado toast and other simple recipes are very popular in the social media world as ideas for healthy hacks. For example, this food trend is often featured on hip Instagram feeds with aesthetically pleasing photos of avocado-centered meals perfectly placed in the frame. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few examples:









Regardless if you view yourself as a trend follower or a trend setter, this food hype speaks for itself. Avocados contain Vitamin K, Vitamin C, are low in saturated fat, and let’s just be honest, they taste delicious.

So whether you want to simply incorporate avocados into your salad, or possibly take a hip photo of your morning avocado toast to post on social media, swing by your local farmers’ market to get the freshest avocado available!