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How to Make Veggies Work for You


In the United States, the most popular vegetable is . . . Carrots? No. Celery? Nope. Try potatoes. While that may be surprising, it's mostly because we eat so many french fries. In fact, American toddlers are more likely to eat french

How to Make Veggies Work for You2017-05-04T10:53:25-07:00

What’s That For?


Sure, we all know the fruit and veggie all-stars -- the apples, carrots, strawberries and lettuce. But every now and then you see something at your local farmers' market that stumps you. In this short video, farmers explain some of their lesser

What’s That For?2017-04-19T09:42:36-07:00

Fruits and veggies in the limelight: These food items got their 15 minutes and more thanks to Hollywood


Whenever you hear about fava beans, you probably don’t immediately think of a crunchy snack that’s high in dietary fiber. Chances are, you think of that famously creepy line in “Silence of the Lambs” during which Anthony Hopkins talks about eating a

Fruits and veggies in the limelight: These food items got their 15 minutes and more thanks to Hollywood2017-04-11T10:48:29-07:00

What Spring Brings to the Markets


Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate the season of growth than with some fresh new produce? We have a few favorites this season that we think you’ll love: RHUBARB. April is the month of rhubarb, and we are so

What Spring Brings to the Markets2017-04-10T11:16:10-07:00

Why shop locally?


Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great way to celebrate your community and support local farmers. Not only does this benefit your healthy lifestyle, but you know where your food is coming from. Some food for thought: By putting your

Why shop locally?2017-03-15T10:30:46-07:00

Feel the Luck of the Irish with Shepherd’s Pie


Friday marks the only day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to pinch your peers if they are not wearing green -- and, yes, we’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Along with the holiday’s traditions of styling shamrock-beaded necklaces putting on

Feel the Luck of the Irish with Shepherd’s Pie2017-03-15T09:56:43-07:00

Strawberry Fields Forever


It’s that time of the year to head down to your local farmers’ market and get a fresh basket of strawberries. We have a few tips you can use after picking up this season’s freshest berries: To remove the strawberry’s core and

Strawberry Fields Forever2017-03-07T10:22:22-08:00

Avocados Are Hip


One of the many great things about living in sunny and beautiful California is the availability of avocados at the tip of our fingers. Avocados have become the latest trend in healthy food. Avocado toast and other simple recipes are very popular

Avocados Are Hip2017-03-07T10:04:24-08:00

The Joys of Spring


With all the rain, gray skies and chilly temperatures, we’ve paid our dues this winter. And now comes the pay-off: lush green hills, warm temps and once-dry lakes now filled with water. Hope does indeed spring eternal – especially in spring! The

The Joys of Spring2017-03-03T15:57:41-08:00

Spice Things Up a Bit


If you need inspiration to cook, stroll past the Domingo Farms booth at your nearest farmers market and take a good whiff. It smells like a spice rack. Fennel is used to enhance flavor in a variety of dishes. While

Spice Things Up a Bit2017-02-06T08:34:22-08:00
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