peter_dianeThe San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association (SLOFMA) is a mutual benefit, not-for-profit corporation. As a mutual benefit organization, we serve two groups. We provide several market places for family owned and operated farms, and we provide fresh quality products directly to consumers like you. Currently, SLOFMA operates five weekly markets throughout the county.

To become a member and vendor, you must be a farmer who participates in one or more of our markets. One of the responsibilities of the members is to elect the seven-member board of directors. Each director is also a farmer who serves a three-year term of office. The board of directors holds quarterly meetings, and special meetings as needed. The board establishes policies, and gives direction to the SLOFMA staff on how the market should run, evolve and grow.

Peter Jankay was hired as the SLOFMA administrator by the board of directors in 1985. Peter is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations and business activities, and implements the board of director’s policies. This includes hiring market managers, and overseeing each market’s operations.

All markets have an on-site manager who enforces all California state regulations (including product quality), Health Department requirements, Weights and Measures standards, and all SLOFMA rules and policies. Managers also answer customer questions and resolve any market situations as they arise.

San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market Association operates the following five markets:

Saturday Afternoons, Arroyo Grande
Saturday Mornings, San Luis Obispo
Thursday Afternoons, Morro Bay
Thursday Evenings, San Luis Obispo
Wednesday Mornings, Arroyo Grande

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San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association
P.O. Box 16058
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