How Hollywood and War Helped Promote the Carrot

Clark Gable probably never figured he could have so much influence on a vegetable.

In a scene from the 1934 movie “It Happened One Night,” his character, Peter Warne, casually leans against a roadside fence as he instructs Claudette Colbert on the proper way to hitchhike. As he details the technique — “It’s all in […]

These Fruits Can Create a New You for the New Year

You don’t even need to think about what the top New Year’s resolution for 2017 is. Because it’s pretty much the same as it always is:

Lose weight.

Get healthy.

Of course, we know why so many make the weight loss resolution: As a nation, we’re getting heavier. In 1990, according to the Centers for Disease Control, […]

There’s No Place Like Ham for the Holidays

People don’t usually ask why — it’s just the way it is: You have turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas.

The ham tradition has roots dating even further back than turkey. In fact, some say the holiday ham tradition began 2,000 years ago, when the Germanic people sacrificed boars as a tribute to the […]

“Snow Night” stocking stuffer ideas

Grab your mittens and scarves — Thursday is Snow Night during the Downtown Farmers’ Market in San Luis Obispo. And if you haven’t already completed your holiday shopping, well — that snow might be a brisk reminder that time is running out.

Luckily, there are plenty of great stocking stuffer-type gifts you can pick up […]

Persimmons: Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Cover

There’s an odd rule of thumb when it comes to the persimmon: When you think it looks like garbage — that’s when you want to eat it.

Which, of course, goes against our usual thinking when it comes to fruits. If a banana turns black or an apple looks bruised, you pitch ’em in the trash […]

Simplify Thanksgiving dinner with chicken

Look, we understand your anxiety about Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s the turkey, right?

It takes forever to thaw, you have to cook it just right and – let’s face it – it’s kind of slimy and gross. (Giblets, anyone?)

pexels-chicken-picBut you’re not bound to convention. In fact, there are several meat-oriented […]

Why Cabbage Has an Image Problem

Ew — that smell. You know what I’m saying?


When someone is boiling it, you definitely know it. Which is part of why cabbage has a bit of an image problem. Blame the rest on Hollywood.

Remember “Willy Wonka & and the Chocolate Factory?” In the memorable early scenes, cabbage is seen as a drab, flavorless food, which […]

Why garlic saves your neck (from vampires)

Oh, great. A Realtor is showing the house next door to a vampire – and the old ghoul looks interested.

There’s goes the neighborhood.

After you rule out relocation (All that unpacking just sucks the life out of you!), you drive yourself batty trying to figure out ways to ward off your potential new neighbor:

Going nuts over fruit year-round

img_0089Sometimes it’s really hard to say goodbye to the fruits you love. Alas, seasons change, and to every fruit there is a season. But, thanks to Avila & Sons, summer favorites, like peaches and nectarines, have an extended lifespan.

“When we don’t have fresh stuff, we have […]

From the plant to the jar — behind the popular Mama’s Preserves with Arroyo Grande farmer Lori Heal

It’s only September, but Lori Heal is already thinking of a new jam she can create for Christmas.

“I love blending and mixing,” she said. “I keep adding, and I keep mixing.”

She has farmed berries in Arroyo Grande for three decades. And as her operation grew, so too did the amount of berries she produced.

“I started […]