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Summer Favorites at SLO Co. Farmers’ Markets

It is argued that summer is the peak time of the year for many local fruits and vegetables. But there are some specific produce items that you can’t miss out on in the month of July. These seasonal favorites include crops like plums and blueberries, as well as the lesser-known anise hearts that also thrives […]

Summer Favorites at SLO Co. Farmers’ Markets2018-07-23T08:27:36+00:00

From Our Market to Your Table


Robin and Shanny Covey began buying produce at the SLO Farmers’ Market when they opened their natural foods store, The Robin’s Nest, in 1980. They were young entrepreneurs at just 23-years old and were very passionate about fresh produce. That passion never went away as the duo opened Robin’s Restaurant in […]

From Our Market to Your Table2018-05-31T14:35:35+00:00

Meet Our Farmers: Los Osos Valley Organic Farm


Jim Terrick has his grandfather to blame for his love of farming. The elder Mr. Terrick farmed grains, wine grapes and vegetables near Riverside. Jim began his own adventure in farming in 1980 in Orange County and sold his vegetables at the Torrance Farmers’ Market. It was there he discovered his […]

Meet Our Farmers: Los Osos Valley Organic Farm2018-05-31T14:32:51+00:00

Meet Our Farmers: PC Cattle Company


Pete Cramer had a simple desire when starting PC Cattle Company in 1998: He wanted to produce healthy meat products for his family and friends. He began selling beef with the SLO County Farmers’ Market Association and soon realized that locally raised pork and lamb were also in high demand. He and wife […]

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Market visit from YMCA Winter Campers

We were happy to host a group of students from SLO County YMCA at our Arroyo Grande Wednesday market recently. They learned about and tasted kiwis along with a variety of other fruits and vegetables. After visiting all of the farmers, the children were given a $2 gift certificate to purchase […]

Market visit from YMCA Winter Campers2018-01-11T11:37:24+00:00

SLO Saturday Market Snags Sustainable Seafood

There’s something fishy going on at the Saturday farmers’ market in San Luis Obispo.

Sustainably fishy, that is.

Wild Local Seafood Company, founded as an alternative to unsustainable and ecologically destructive fishing practices worldwide, will now have a booth at the market (8-10:45 a.m., at the World Market/Embassy Suites lot), offering a wide range of fresh seafood […]

SLO Saturday Market Snags Sustainable Seafood2017-01-27T11:23:26+00:00

An insurance man’s sweet farming discovery

Today, the Butternut Farm in Stow, MA, is the site of an 18-hole golf course known for narrow fairways and the longest hole in the country without a sand trap. But on that same land some 80 years ago, a Boston white collar worker made farming history.

As an officer with the John Hancock Life […]

An insurance man’s sweet farming discovery2017-01-27T11:24:20+00:00